Ricardo Pau-Llosa reads his poem titled "Charada china"

Ricardo Pau-Llosa reads his poem titled "Charada china"

During a presentation of their new book, Intruder between Rivers/Intruso entre ríos, poet Ricardo Pau-Llosa and translator Enrico Mario Santí read a number of the works included in the limited-edition collection of poems.

Below is one one of the poems Ricardo read in the original English.

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Ricardo was born in Havana, where he lives until his family fled in 1960. His first book of poetry, Sorting Metaphors (Anhinga Press, 1983), won the first national Anhinga Prize,[citation needed]. He published a second book of poetry in Bread of the Imagined (Bilingual Press, 1992). His third book of poems, Cuba (Carnegie Mellon U Press, 1993), was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His latest collections are Mastery Impulse (2003) and Parable Hunter (2008), both from Carnegie Mellon. Learn more about Ricardo at pau-llosa.com.


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