Libertarian for Florida governor Riquet Caballero on guns, weed, the environment and more

Riquet Caballero was born in Cuba, where he says he learned to reject anything that sounded even remotely socialist. He voted for Barack Obama twice before finding a home in the Libertarian Party. Now he's running as the party's candidate for Florida governor.

In this interview, Nicolás A. Jiménez asks Riquet about his youth in Cuba, his libertarian conversion and how he ended up running for governor at 30. The wide ranging interview gets into — among other things — guns, weed, regulation, government's role in protecting the environment, identity politics, and the apparent shortcomings of the Libertarian Party.


Photo: Riquet Caballero

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Nicolás Antonio Jiménez is the founder of DADE. When he's not working on this site, he's the senior editor of Cigar Snob Magazine, an internationally distributed lifestyle magazine.
Nick is also a Miami native, Cuban-American, and graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism.